Fans rally around 'humble' Meghan and Harry as US politics bid and Netflix work 'dries up'

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down as working royals in 2020 after allegations that Meghan was unhappy in her position.

Their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey the following year further fractured their relationship with the Firm.

In, Daniela Elser wrote about the Sussexes supposed struggle: “Sadly, for two people who seem to truly care, there is not one issue, not one cause they have really moved the needle on since they embarked on this new life of theirs.

“The bottom line is Harry and Meghan have proven totally unsuccessful at making themselves matter in the corridors of power in Washington, New York, Silicon Valley or Los Angeles.”

Ms Elser has also questioned if the “Sussex/Netflix marriage” can “survive”, continuing: “Potentially hundreds of millions of dollars are riding on this docuseries for the self-supporting, private jet-flying, polo-loving Sussexes.

“If it turns out that the Duke and Duchess are TV gold, if they are about to demonstrate that they are binge-worthy stars who can pull in streaming viewers globally, then their US careers are set. Get another polo pony! Hell, buy seven.

“But, if they fail to live up to the hype and the rhetoric? The huge sums being touted and all those lovely millions supposedly coming their way could dry up faster than a Californian lake.”

However, many of the Sussex Squad fans praised the work of the couple on social media.

Somali professional boxer Ramla Ali shared her experience of being handpicked by Meghan to feature in her Voices of Change piece for Vogue in 2019.

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Twitter fan @w_selwa lauded Meghan for her skills in public speaking and holding the attention of an audience, posting: “One of Meghan’s great traits is her speeches, she’s an eloquent speaker, persuasive, passionate about her subjects and confident.”

Another user @ginamcgalliard noted her “grace, beauty, dignity and strength” in the face of backlash.

Another Meghan fan @meghan_archives wrote: “I want to thank Meghan for being the inspiring woman she is.

“Her kindness, strength, elegance, and intelligence, has inspired me and shaped me in many ways for the past few years.”

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