Fergie's 'toe-sucking' incident brought up in embarrassing moment during Queen's funeral

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An embarrassing moment affect Sarah Ferguson aired at the most unlikely of moments as the nation mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth II. As live footage played of Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, nicknamed Fergie, entering Westminster Abbey for the sombre service, one reporter had some choice words about a past scandal. Journalist Dickie Arbiter referenced the late Duke of Edinburgh, explaining that the Queen’s husband “never forgave” Fergie for the scandalous photographs.

The photographs were taken in 1992 which showed her toes being sucked by her financial adviser, John Bryan, while on holiday in the south of France. 

While the live footage of the Duchess played, Mr Arbiter commented: “It is interesting, he never forgave her, he never forgave her for the pictures that appeared in the newspaper when she was in the south of France with her so-called financial adviser having her toes sucked.”

The comments were met with nervous giggles by the Channel Nine presenters, Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon, during the channel’s coverage of the funeral. 

Ms Langdon replied: “I wasn’t going to say it, I didn’t think you would go there.”

“At least he said it. We can’t be accused of saying it”, Stefanovic added. 

The compromising photos of Fergie appeared on the front of newspapers just months after she split with the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew.

The Duke and Duchess of York tied the knot in 1986 – but just six years later their marriage ended in scandal.

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The pictures emerged while she was still married to, but separated from, Prince Andrew. 

They had announced their plan to separate in March 1992, just five months before the intimate photos were released. 

The snaps showed the Duchess, topless, lounging around the pool on holiday, while Texan millionaire John Bryan sucked her toes and feet. 

They also showed the couple kissing and embracing, and frolicking in the pool.

One year after the photos were released, the French magazine Paris Match and a photographer were ordered to pay her and Bryan the sum of £84,000 for having taken the photos without their permission.

Since the scandal, Sarah Ferguson has reportedly had a difficult relationship with members of the Royal Family, but Prince Philip is said to have had the strongest reaction.

During a 2019 Channel 5 documentary, royal author Katie Nicholl said: “Up until that point, she had enjoyed warm rapport with her father-in-law but from that moment on the Duke of Edinburgh never forgave Sarah for the embarrassment and the humiliation that she had reaped.”

Despite splitting up in 1992, and later divorcing in 1996, the Duke and Duchess of York have remained close for decades and even live together in Windsor. 

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