Fernando Alonso brands Lewis Hamilton an 'idiot' in explosive radio message after crash

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Fernando Alonso has launched an explosive attack on Lewis Hamilton for his role in the pair’s crash in the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix. Alonso started ahead of Hamilton on the track and both of them got a strong start, getting past Sergio Perez.

Hamilton was in the slipstream of his former team-mate heading into the chicane and moved to the outside to try and make his move. Alonso was unyielding, but Hamilton still tried to dive in and take the line into the next corner.

But he cut too far, making contact with Alonso’s front left tyre with the Mercedes car being sent flying in the air. Both drivers initially were able to drive off into the distance as Hamilton and Alonso attempted to regain their position.

Smoke soon started bellowing out of the rear of Hamilton’s car though and he was slowing down on the track. The Brit was then informed on team radio to stop the car, ending his race early to cap a miserable weekend for the seven-time world champion.

Alonso didn’t mince his words on team radio speaking about the incident, calling out his old rival for his aggressive driving style. “What an idiot!” Alonso said on radio.

“Closing the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega start but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first.”

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