Ferrari in stitches as caller sums up Boris Johnson's premiership with brilliant analogy

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Phone-in caller Frank from Rochester discussed ongoing Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s final message to the British Public on the energy crisis. Frank discussed Mr Johnson’s shocking comments about Britons investing in new kettles, in order to cut costs on energy. The caller talked about the Prime Minister’s previous interview with Andrew Marr, before going on to give his analogies to Mr Ferrari about the whole situation. The energy crisis in the UK is set to worsen in a few short weeks, and many Britons are calling for the Government to do more.

The Phone in caller Frank from Rochester told LBC: “Good morning Nick good programme, listening to… Was interesting, and then Boris Johnson’s parting gift or message is to get a kettle.”

“It reminded me of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when the most important thing that you can have for an interstellar traveller was a towel.

“Now we have Boris Johnson suggesting when you reach the sunlit uplands of Brexit, carry your kettle with pride.”

Mr Ferrari added: “I’m just going to say, it what way does it sum it up for you lastly, Frank?”

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Frank from Rochester added: “The man is a joke, and on the one hand you’ve got him going out to Ukraine and on the other hand, talking about kettles

“And it reminds me as well, and this is quite funny when he was Mayor of London, he was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show one Sunday.

“And he was talking about electric vehicles, so Andrew Marr posited the serious question ‘but where is the electricity going to come from, from these cars?’

“Johnson leans forward looks him straight in the eye and says ‘a plug’.”

Mr Ferrari said: “He would have been our Prime Minister until next week.”

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Mr Johnson said: “We’re now racing towards our target of 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.

“50GW is probably half the electricity consumption of the country from offshore wind.

“Offshore wind is now the cheapest form of electricity in this country. Offshore wind is nine times cheaper than gas with the insanity of what Putin has done. 

“That way it entirely makes sense for us to be more self-reliant. It is also entirely clean and green. 

“Renewables are not only important for us to defeat climate change, they’re helping keep bills lower now.”


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