Game of Thrones actress, 31, 'heartbroken' after baby daughter taken by social services  


    Josephine Gillan, 31, shared a distressing video of her eight-month-old daughter Gloria seemingly being taken away from her by a woman, while two uniformed men watched on.

    The actress, who played prostitute Marei in Game of Thrones, posted the clip in view of her 6,688 Twitter followers last week.

    In the video, a person behind the camera can be heard debating with the social workers as they walked away with the baby.

    Josephine captioned the clip: “The disturbing moment that the #Israeli #socialservices kidnapped my baby! At 12:30pm at night on Sunday!

    “My friend pleaded!  But was threatened to jail if she did not hand over my baby! me & loving friend and her family! We are all heartbroken! #IsraeliCrimes #unjust.”

    More to follow…


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