GB News: Clash over Prince Harry wearing military uniform – 'Undermine the occasion!'

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There was a clash of views on GB News on Wednesday evening as panellists debated whether the Duke of Sussex should be allowed to wear his military uniform at the Queen’s lying-in-state vigil at Westminster Hall or if it would “undermine” the event by disrespecting tradition and protocol.

His uncle, Prince Andrew, has been allowed to don his military regalia despite stepping down from his duties as a “special mark of respect” for his mother, according to reports.

Former Coronation Street actor Charlie Lawson and Telegraph writer Tim Stanley shared their opposing views on Dan Wootton’s evening show.

Mr Lawson believed it was “absolutely right for the Queen’s grandson to wear his uniform, saying: “I did phone up some veteran friends of mine and ask them the question because I thought to myself, ‘how dare I give a definitive answer’?

“I did speak to three friends from the Royal Irish Regiment and an ex-Royal Marine, they were all of the same belief that Harry had done two tours of Afghanistan, led his men and therefore should be allowed to wear his dress uniform.

“I understand the rules and I understand the protocol but I would always tend to side with veterans and what they feel.”

Mr Stanley came at the argument from a different angle, arguing that it was proper to respect royal protocol on the issue.

He told Mr Wootton: “It’s not personal, that’s the nature of protocol.

“The protocol generally speaking is that veterans do not wear the uniform except for certain special occasions and if they are working royals.

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“Tradition rests upon protocol and the reason why the last few days have gone without a hitch, without controversy, is because people have followed orders, followed custom and done as they’re told.

“It’s very much in the spirit of Elizabeth II, and it looks like in the spirit of Charles III, that they do the right thing.”

Thousands of people have queued up to pay their respects to Her Majesty as she lies in state.

Her state funeral will take place next Monday September 19.

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