GB News: King Charles showed 'human touch' during proclamation – 'Still make a mistake!'

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Speaking to GB News host Mark Dolan, Darren Stanton said that the King struggling with a fountain pen showed that even the monarch “can still make a mistake”. He added that the fact that Camilla, the Queen Consort, stepped in when her husband gave up out of frustration showed that she was now a “rock” for the new sovereign. 

He said: “Well I actually think it’s very revealing and I love to watch this because it just shows that at the end of the day even though he is now King he can still make a mistake and he’ is not really too bothered about showing it. 

“It just showed that they’re very down to earth. 

“Camilla steps in and tries to help him but you can see the frustration of him when the pen leaks. 

“So I thought it was a really nice moment and you could see the impatience and frustration of King Charles. 

“So I thought it was a really nice moment and a great insight into how the two of them interact. 

“I agree with a lot of what you said earlier Mark in terms of the way that Camilla has over the years become kind of accepted by the public because obviously initially the whole Diana thing. 

“A lot of people were reticent to accept but I think she’s become his rock now. 

“I think certainly a lot of the walkabouts and public engagements that I’ve assessed the pair on, it’s clear that he looks for her all the time and looks for a sort of reassurance. 

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He said: “Again I think it almost says that we know it’s protocol and we’re writing in fountain pens but it’s almost again a frustration let’s get on with it. 

“So he seems to be very much ready and able to kind of crack on with the job so to speak. 

“So I just think he wasn’t really too bothered by convention and using fountain pens, he just wants to get on and sign the document. 

“And you could almost see Camilla in back of shot, she almost shuffles around to say shall I intervene shall I not. 

“And she decides not to and lets him resolve the situation himself. 

“So again really nice insight into the man really.” 

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