GB News: 'Like a nuclear fallout!' Oxford professor reacts to impact of Covid lockdowns

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Professor Carl Heneghan appeared on Dan Wootton’s show on Thursday night to talk about the problems with the economy, NHS waiting lists and mental health that have been made worse by the pandemic.

The GB News host has long been sceptical of the effectiveness of lockdowns.

He asked the Director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine why there was a “lack of focus” on the 12,500 “excess deaths” that have been recorded since the lockdowns were in place.

Professor Heneghan replied: “I think things have moved on in the last two weeks since we started pointing this out, but I think the first thing to admit is that there is an excess death problem.

“We’re now getting near to about 20,000, there’s been a further 10 percent in the last two weeks and it doesn’t look like abating.

“There seems to be a problem in other countries as well in Europe and in America.

“The second issue is that the Department of Health and Social Care came out and said, ‘well we think it’s cardiovascular disease and diabetes’.

“I think there are some things we can say are really important and Steve Barclay [the Health Secretary] was accosted on this today.

“The problem in the ambulance service needs fixing, it’s minutes that matter when it comes to a heart attack.

“If you have a cardiac arrest, if we get to you within one minute there’s a 90 percent chance of survival.

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“It’s a bit like nuclear fallout isn’t it?

“You have the initial problem and it’s a huge problem, but if you look at Chernobyl we’re not talking about a couple of years.

“We could be talking about this in a decade’s time.

“There are huge socio-economic consequences, huge impact on mental health, preventative healthcare and cancer.”

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