GB news: ‘Like Queen mother’ Camilla praised for her support to King Charles

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Queen Consort Camilla has been praised for supporting King Charles and has been compared to the Queen mother by a senior journalist Petronella Wyatt on GB news.

Camilla, 75, was recently seen calming King Charles when he had an encounter with a leaky fountain pen as he tried to sign the visitors’ book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland. 

As the King let his frustration show after putting down the wrong date it was the Queen Consort who spotted that the pen was leaking and said, “Oh look, it’s going everywhere, hang on” and another pen was promptly procured. 

Speaking about the Queen Consort to GB news host Dan Wootton, Ms Wyatt said: “I think Camilla is so misunderstood. 

“The whole Diana-Charles was a terrible mistake and Camilla stayed away. 

“It was her husband who was unfaithful and not Camilla. She actually agreed to see Charles and he was an absolutely broken man, according to friends. 

“Whatever you think of Diana, she doesn’t have a substantial legacy.”

However, she was immediately interrupted by Mr Wootton who refused to agree to the fact that Diana didn’t have any legacy. 

He said: “That’s ridiculous.. She has left a huge legacy. She changed the Royal Family.”

Ms Wyatt expressed her disagreement and explained: “Camilla’s charities are not as known as Diana’s but she is so hardworking. 

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Carving out similarities between the Queen Mother and Camilla, Ms Wyatt continued: “The great thing about Queen Consort is different from being the Queen. And she is quite like the Queen mother because the Queen mother was very bubbly, very relatable. 

“She was there to support her husband, who in some way, I suppose was a weak man, not utterly similarly to King Charles. But she didn’t seek the spotlight for herself. So both these women are poll opposition of Meghan for example and that’s what the Queen consort should be. 

“Because the Queen Consort, in a way Philip was as Prince Consort, is to support the monarch. 

“Not to be walking in front with press around them and trying to grab the limelight. It’s a very difficult role. 

“It takes a very calm, patient and unshowy kind of personality and that’s what Camilla has. And that’s why I think she is a much better wife to Charles than Diana would have been. 

“And I am not saying that to degrade Diana but she was too much of a star and she didn’t want to let Charles shine or he was unable to shine when he was with her. 

“He needs to now because he is the King.” 

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