‘Genius’ student reveals how she packed 50 items of clothing and 9 pairs of shoes into one bag


A STUDENT has wowed social media users with her incredible packing skills by squeezing in almost 50 items of clothing into a single duffle bag.

She even managed to throw nine pairs of shoes into the bag on top of that.

Elizabeth showed everything inside the bag
Jam Press

Elizabeth showed everything inside the bag[/caption]

Elizabeth Childs, 19, was packing up her belongings to return back to Winston-Salem State University.

The business student tweeted pictures of her incredible  packing skills on Tuesday, which has now received over 58,000 likes.

Elizabeth, from Tacoma, Washington, said: “I honestly have to say my secret to packing everything was down to the bag itself.

“There’s a bottom compartment which I use to put my shoes in, then I roll my clothes instead of folding them – which I have now discovered is a military technique.”

Everything that went into the duffle bag
Jam Press

Everything that went into the duffle bag[/caption]

The full bag at the end
Jam Press

The full bag at the end[/caption]

Elizabeth claims she spent just 15-30 minutes packing her things.

The two pictures, which show Elizabeth’s items both scattered on the floor and then neatly packed into her bag, have received a lot of attention from online users.

One amazed twitter user said: “You need to make a YouTube tutorial.”

Another commented: “Teach me how to pack because I be having 20 bags for two nights.”

Elizabeth revealed that duffle bag is widely available, including on Amazon, for around $40 (£33).

Sun Online Travel has revealed a number of different ways you can pack for a holiday.

Marie Kondo recommends folding and rolling your clothes.

There’s also a “ranger roll” that keeps your t-shirts tightly wrapped and prevents them from unfolding.


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