Good Morning Britain puts call out for viewers to ‘FIND ALAN’ after mystery love note asks man for a date in London pub


GOOD Morning Britain has begged viewers to ‘FIND ALAN’ after a mystery love note appeared in London asking a man for a date in a pub.

The secret admirer said they were “taken aback” when they met Alan “on a hot Tuesday in July” in a handwritten note on A4 paper.

Adil Ray and Kate Garraway urge fans to ‘find Alan’ on Good Morning Britain today

Showbiz Correspondent Richard Arnold revealed the bizarre note was found on Hampstead Heath in Highgate in a plastic sleeve.

Single mum Kate Garraway told fans to get in touch and said: “We want to see if there was a wonderful romance that could get us over our Love Island heartbreak.”

The mystery writer asked Alan to meet at the pub The Flask pub at 6.30pm on Thursday August 15 – last night – and said: “Dear Alan. We met on this hill on a hot Tuesday in July. I was more taken aback than ‘taken’.

“Could we rewind and meet at The Flask (top of hill) on Thurs 15 Aug, 6.30pm???”

GMB showed the note and begged fans to call in
The Flask Pub in Highgate is often frequented by local celebs including Kate Moss
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Kate’s co-host Adil Ray, who is also single, said: “What happened, Alan did you go? Were you in The Flask in Highgate last night?”

Charlotte Hawkins added: “Let’s find out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know?”

The Flask, which shared the photo on Instagram, is often frequented by local celebs including Kate Moss.

Journalist and podcaster Dolly Alderton reposted the snap and captioned it: “I am deeply invested in this, we need to spread the word. Alan – you must go.”


Kate was keen to find Alan and learn more about the date[/caption]

The Sun has already told you about ‘You-turning’, orbiting and throning, but now there’s another shocking habit out there – sneating.

‘Sneating’ is a horrible new dating trend that involves people going on dates for free food.

One woman has admitted to only swiping right on men she thinks will cough up for her dinner.


Sneaters presume that their companion will foot their bill, and they have absolutely no intention of seeing them again.

Over on Whimn, a woman named Sarah has admitted that she sneats all the time – and doesn’t feel bad about it.

She said: “I started being more strategic about the guys that I matched with on Tinder. Guys who said they were old fashioned or knew how to treat a lady were in. They were the ones who were likely to pay on a first date.”



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