Google Maps Street View: Blonde woman terrifies viewers with creepy body – can you see?


Google Maps Street View has become well known for capturing some bizarre images the world over. Sometimes the sights are funny or creepy and other times they’re simply mind-boggling. One very odd spectacle has been spotted in Mexico, amid Chichen Itza ancient Mayan ruins. A snapshot from Google Street View shows a female blonde tourist strolling through the site.

However, there is something very disturbing indeed about the young holidaymaker.

She is wearing a short white dress, flat shoes and a pair of sunglasses while her blond hair falls loose down her back.

Yet there is something undeniably strange about her head – and something even more alarmingly wrong with her legs.

The girl’s head appears far too big for her slender body and seems all out of proportion.

Her legs are particularly concerning, though – they appear to be at such a strange angle she doesn’t even look human.

The girl’s creepy appearance has led some Google Maps viewers to wonder whether there is in fact something unearthly about her.

One person on Reddit posted: “Definitely an alien tourist” and another wrote: “It’s one of those aliens from ‘The Arrival’.”

Others on the platform suggested it was a zombie apocalypse or evidence of time travel at work.

The more realistic option, however, is that the freaky image is the result of a technological glitch.

When taking the photo, the 360-degree Google cameras shoot multiple pictures to create a seamless image.

However, moving objects often ruin the scene as they shift when the photos are taken.

It is most likely the woman was on the move when the images were taken, resulting in the strange photo.

She is far from the only person on Google Maps to have been distorted by the Street View cameras.

For instance, a Google photo captured in Athens, Greece shows a man who appears to be holding a small child in a blue T-shirt.

However, on closer inspection, the baby seems to have the hair growth of a middle-aged man – greying with a bald patch. 

In fact, there are two men in the photo – one walking in front of the other but the positioning of the first man’s arm has cause confusion.


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