'Got out of hand!' Fuming caller rages at 'arrogant' cyclists as she slams Highway Code

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LBC caller Pauline from Tower Bridge launched an attack on cyclists who she described as having gotten “out of hand” with their attitude while biking on the roads. She argued that, due to the “many cycle lanes” introduced for cyclists, pedestrians do not have enough room on the streets to walk and stressed “I’d hate to be a young mother with young children” as cyclists “just think they can run”. The comments came as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps calls for a reform of the Highway Code concerning compulsory number plates and insurance for cyclists. 

Caller Pauline told LBC host Iain Dale: “I travel to work, I don’t drive and I don’t bike, but I’m a pedestrian.

“I can see the attitude of the cyclists, it’s just got out of hand, they just think they run on the road.

“They have got a lot more rights.

“They’ve just got arrogant with it and they think they are in the right.

“They’re no room for pedestrians now because they put so many cycle lanes in.”

She stressed: “I’d hate to be a young mother with your children, I’m 64 and I hate to think about cyclists sort of coming towards me.

“I think they should have more respect for everybody.”

In light of the remarks, Mr Dale pointed out: “That’s quite an attack on cyclists, and they might say that it’s car drivers who are arrogant.”

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