Great deals on Britain’s new favourite dish will give you oodles of noodles for less


    WHEN it comes to stocking up your cupboards, it pays to use your noodle.

    This week, it was revealed that sales of ramen noodles have soared — thanks to this being a cheap, healthy and easy dish to whip up.


    Use your noodle and stock up on ramen – it’s cheap, healthy and very easy to whip up[/caption]

    Now, with these savvy ideas, noodle fans can save even more filling up their bowl.

    Back to basics: You don’t need to fork out for ready-made noodle dishes. Instead, buy basic noodles and simply jazz them up with various veg and toppings from your fridge.

    You can grab packets of Nissin Demae ramen for just 50p at Tesco. The prep time is under three minutes and you can bulk up with leftover meat and veg. Chuck in some chilli flakes if you like extra heat.

    Switch and save: Die-hard Pot Noodle fans may be resistant to changing things up — but switching could save you big. Try Aldi’s similar Snack Noodles, which come in various flavours, for 36p a go — compared to around £1 for Pot Noodles.

    Add it on: Lidl is currently running a Street Food Week, so try adding tasty extras to your dinner such as frozen gyoza dumplings, £1.69 for a 400g bag. There is also a great selection of frozen seafood — cheaper than going fresh.

    Stock up: Ramen is traditionally a dish served in a broth. Make your own after Sunday lunch by saving the chicken carcass and any leftover root veg. Add salt and pepper and leave in a slow cooker for the afternoon.

    Then pour over your noodles or you can freeze it in portion sizes for the future. Much cheaper than Sainsbury’s chicken stock pot, which comes in at £2.10.

    Watch and earn: For noodle inspiration it’s worth checking out food bloggers on YouTube. Many create quick, easy and super-cheap meals using basic items, including noodles.

    I like Miguel Barclay, who blogs under @OnePoundMeals, for dosh-friendly dinners. He has a great £1 super-easy noodles recipe, which uses cupboard basics, on his YouTube. It is seriously tasty.

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