Greece holiday horror: British woman, 31, reports gang rape on island of Rhodes

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The woman, 31, claimed she had been clubbing with friends prior to the attack in the resort of Faliraki on Sunday when a group of Belgian men, aged between 30 and 35, joined their party. She told local authorities that the men took the group back to their hotel room where she had consensual sex with one of them but was later raped by a group of four men.

Konstantina Damoglidou, a senior police spokesman, said: “We continue to investigate the allegations because authorities have yet to establish that her claims are true, and thus move to arrest or remand into custody the men involved in her complaint.”

She added that police were waiting for forensic examinations and medical tests to take place.

“No suspect has been arrested because no arrest warrant has been issued”, she said.

The medical examination was reportedly requested by the alleged victim.

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“The fact they have been released, which is rare in these cases, suggests the judge believes the men,” he added. “We are now going to prosecute her. She will do this again if not punished.”

The allegation comes as hotels and businesses on Rhodes, Crete and other Greek islands have been welcoming guests again this summer after two seasons were disrupted by Covid regulations.

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