'Grown in confidence!' Kate Middleton appeared 'self-assured' after gesture to Camilla

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Kate Middleton, 40, made a smart gesture to Camilla Parker-Bowles, 75, following the Queen’s death earlier this month, a body language expert has said. The Duchess of Cambridge, who became the Princess of Wales after her grandmother-in-law passed away, made the gesture at a reception for Commonwealth leaders at Buckingham Palace just days before Her Majesty’s funeral.

According to Judi James, the Princess looked “regal” and even “self-assured”.

She told the Mirror: “You only need to compare Kate’s body language during her first official function after her marriage with the Kate we saw hosting a function after the Queen’s death to see exactly how much she has grown in confidence and stature.

“The iconic pose with Michelle Obama back in 2011 showed her using her hands and a bag as a barrier while also leaning back and touching her hair shyly.

“Now we have a woman looking regal and self-assured and hosting dignitaries with utter confidence.

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“She uses confident bouts of engaged eye contact and if she does touch her hair, as she did when talking with Camilla at the formal reception, it was a very smart and practical gesture to ensure the camera can capture the moment.

“She was so elegant and assured with the crowds at Windsor and she handled the actual funeral with the same quiet dignity.”

However, the new Duchess of Cornwall also reportedly revealed how her children had been coping with the loss of their great-grandmother at the Commonwealth event.

Australian Governor-General David Hurley, 69, recalled his conversation with the Princess of Wales.

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