'Had to ask them to go' Boris Johnson turned BBC away after wave of sadness over Queen

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted he had to “choke up” when asked to speak of the Queen in the past tense for a BBC tribute video. In a tribute to the Queen in the House of Commons, he confessed: “I hope the House will not mind if I begin with a personal confession. A few months ago, the BBC came to  see me to talk about the Majesty the Queen and we sat down and the cameras started rolling.”

“And they requested that I should talk about her in the past tense,” Mr Johnson said.

“And I’m afraid I simply choked up.”

He admitted to then having to ask the recording team to go as he became overcome with sadness at the thought of Her Majesty’s death.

He said: “And I couldn’t go on, and I’m really not easily moved to tears.


“But I was so overcome with sadness that I had to ask them to go away,” the former Prime Minister confessed, three days after the Queen accepted his resignation.

Boris Johnson made the confession in the House of Commons, as MPs after MPs paid their tribute to the monarch.

The former Prime Minister, who had the chance to see her one last time on Wednesday, expressed his feelings about the Queen’s passing. 

He continued: “And I know that today, countless people in this country – and around the world – experience the same sudden access of unexpected emotion.”

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