Harry made Meghan a 'bigger name', says royal expert ‘She doesn't represent anybody'

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Meghan Markle has released her latest media venture in the form of Archetypes, her new podcast with music streaming giant Spotify. The partnership with the Archewell Audio, a production company founded by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was announced in 2020 and the first podcast episode was released on Tuesday. Meghan has been bashed for featuring her husband, Prince Harry, in the podcast’s premiere as critics have claimed she has used her royal connections to offer the project a “bigger name.” Royal Round Up host Pandora Forsyth was joined by the Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer to discuss the podcast’s controversial release.

Speaking on Wednesday’s Royal Round Up, Ms Forsyth said: “We obviously heard from Prince Harry, briefly, at the start of the podcast.

“Do you think that was a natural move, him coming in? Or do you think that was part of the Spotify deal, that he had to be heard too?”

Mr Palmer replied: “Amercians in particular talk a lot about the British tabloids and whatever but I think if you read the upmarket papers in the UK today, you will read very similar criticisms of the piece. 

“It’s been blasted, criticised, by most journalists who reviewed it for the British national papers.”

Mr Palmer continued: “I think one of the points that a number of reviewers have made is that it feels like Harry has to be in there because without him she is nothing.

“The fact that she is now a member of the Royal Family, albeit an exiled one, is what has made her a bigger name and relevant.

“She doesn’t represent anybody, she doesn’t represent the Queen, she doesn’t represent the UK.

“She just represents herself really.”

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