'Highly distressed' Kate 'struggling to hold it together' as Princess 'on verge of tears'

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She analysed one photo from the day, which showed William and Kate looking miserable, while Harry and Meghan, standing behind them, looked at one another offering an “interesting non-verbal perspective”. 

She said: “‘Prince Harry and Meghan use both contact tie signs, such as holding hands, and non-contact tie signs, such as postural echoing, their bodies orientated inwards towards one another, and mutual gaze in a mutual display of support and reassurance. 

“In contrast, clearly grief-stricken and lost in their own thoughts, Prince William and Princess Kate keep a formal distance, in keeping with the formality and seriousness of the event, and Prince William’s position as heir to the throne.”

The distance between Kate and William, and closeness between Harry and Meghan showed the differences between the two couples, she said. 

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