'I hate this': Charles loses temper with leaky pen after Camilla points out his error

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King Charles III appeared to lose his temper at a leaky pen as he continues his nationwide tour following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. While visiting Northern Ireland, the new monarch accidentally signed the wrong date in the ceremonial booklet, writing September 12th instead of September 13th, before Camilla then points out that he had signed an earlier book with the same, incorrect date. The pen then appears to leak on the King, before he bursts out: “I cannot bear this bloody thing!”

In the video, King Charles says: “Is it September 12th?” He is then corrected by a nearby aide, before the monarch says: “Oh, God, I put the wrong date down.” 

After the Queen Consort points out that he also “signed the 12th earlier”, King Charles gets up and says: “Oh, God. I hate this.” 

Camilla then points out that the pen has leaked on her husband’s hand, after which the King pulls out a handkerchief and attempts to wipe away the ink. 

Visibly angry, he then says: “I can’t bear this bloody thing! What they do, every stinking time.” He later appears to storm out of the room while his wife signs the book herself. 

Despite the outburst, members of the British public have leapt to the new monarch’s defence. 

GB News presenter Darren Grimes, who shared the video, said: “His Majesty can’t even remember the date; unsurprisingly, he hasn’t stopped since his mother died. 

“He hasn’t had an opportunity to grieve; he has thrown himself straight into his ceremonial duties and nationwide tour. A little stress over a leaky pen is undoubtedly fine to most.” 

Echoing Mr Grimes’ sentiment, one social media user said: “I defy anyone to have done what he has done so soon after the loss of his mother. 

“Constantly on the go from one place to the next must be absolutely exhausting as well as emotions. He has done very well.” 

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