I miscarried my baby after my neighbour terrorised me for FIVE years – burning an effigy of me and threatening to rape my daughter


A MUM has bravely told how she miscarried her “beautiful” baby after being terrorised by her nightmare neighbour for five years.

Caroline Bawden, 42, from Blackpool, moved back home to care for her elderly, sick parents, Ann, 78, and Peter, 73, when she was subjected to horrendous torment by pensioner Stanislaw Johnson.

Caroline Bawden suffered a miscarriage after her neighbour pensioner Stanislaw Johnson started tormenting her

Johnson, 71, was initially friendly but turned on Caroline for no apparent reason – taunting her with bizarre insults and laughing in a sinister way whenever he saw her.

But the taunts took a darker turn when he burned a 6ft effigy of Caroline – complete with a blonde wig – in his back garden while shouting, “burn in hell”.

Johnson breached a restraining order FOUR times – even masturbating on his porch while she was sunbathing and threatening to rape her 17-year-old daughter Mckenzie.

A day before she was due to provide evidence at his trial seven-week pregnant Caroline miscarried her baby.

Johnson built an effigy of Caroline in his garden and threatened to rape her daughter
Lancashire Police

Distraught Caroline, a former health centre receptionist, only now feels able to speak out after Johnson died while being detained in a psychiatric unit.

She told Fabulous Digital: “I’m a shadow of my former self. I used to have a job, a car, I was healthy and happy.

“I used to be able to drive but now I’m even nervous in the passenger seat. I think it’s because every time I used to come out my car he would be there.

I’m a shadow of my former self. I used to have a job, a car, I was healthy and happy

Caroline Bawden42

“Hopefully one day I’ll get back behind the wheel but now I’m just too anxious. He’s completely ruined my life.”

She continued: “The stress of it all made me lose my beautiful baby. Despite the fact he had been sentenced I couldn’t relax.

“I lived in fear of bumping into him again as I thought he would be out for revenge because I put him in prison.”

Caroline, pictured with dad Peter and mum Ann, only feels safe now Johnson is dead

Caroline moved into her parents’ house in Lytham, Blackpool, in 2009 to help her 74-year-old mum, who was suffering from chronic pancreatitis.

But after a year of caring for her elderly parents neighbour Stanislaw launched his sinister tirade of harassment.

Caroline said: “We used to get on at the beginning. He’d always give me a friendly ‘hiya’ whenever I would pop in and out the house. We were friendly enough for him to be invited to my sister’s 21st.

He started calling me a zombie and told me my family we were going to burn

Caroline Bawden42

“Then after about a year it just escalated. The smiles would turn into a sinister laughter. When I walk to my car he would say provocative things like ‘lovely girl Caroline’ and ‘that’s it good girl Caroline’. It was cringey.

“When I used to work in the jewellers in town he bought a pack of seeds and chucked them into the shop so the pigeons would come in.

“Again he’d stand there laughing. The next few weeks he’d follow me to work.”

She continued: “Then I was walking past his house one afternoon and he started calling me a zombie and that I was going to experience pain.

Caroline Bawdon with daughter Mckenzie at a football game, 2010

“He said ‘enjoy the pain zombie’ and then told me my family we were going to burn. He was encroaching every aspect of my life.

“If I was in the garden he’d walk all the way to the back of our garden. If I asked what he was doing and he just laughed.

“If I was in the kitchen he would make a point of being in his kitchen, which is directly opposite.”

Johnson did other things too, she explained. “He would wave his arms about and without a top on,” Caroline said.

Johnson would wave his arms about and without a top on. Or maybe he was naked

Caroline Bawden42

“Or maybe he was naked – I just couldn’t tell. He would make w****** gestures and just start laughing. It was intimidating.”

Caroline’s parents built a wall to separate themselves from him. But Johnson would still find ways to get to her.

She said: “When I would walk my dog he would follow me and start shouting abuse.”

In 2010 Johnson was handed his first restraining order, having been caught masturbating in his porch while Caroline sunbathed.

Caroline standing next to the 6ft wall her parents decided to build to partition their house from twisted neighbour Johnson

Despite initially respecting the restraining order, within months Johnson was back to his warped ways.

Caroline said: “When he was given the first restraining order he was told not to have no verbal or physical contact with me.

“He respected that for about three months and wouldn’t even look at me. But then it just started again.

“I’d phone the police and he’d get arrested but he’d be back out in a day or two. Then one day I saw a big plume of smoke coming from the back garden.

I looked over and saw this figure dressed in a blonde wig and a t-shirt. He was on his hands and knees chanting my name

Caroline Bawden42

“I looked over and saw this figure dressed in a blonde wig and a t-shirt. He was on his hands and knees chanting my name.

“Then he got up with his hands on his hips shouting ‘burn in hell’. He was 6ft 3in bald man standing there like a laughing clown.”

The police were called and Caroline was urged to get inside for her own safety.

She said: “The fire brigade came to my house to fit smoke alarms. They also fitted a special bag behind the letter box to catch any incendiary devices.

Caroline remains traumatised by Johnson’s actions

“They also provided us with a small hammer to break the double glazed windows in case we had to exit the house in the emergency.”

In 2013 Johnson was charged with two counts of breaching the restraining order and stalking after shouting he would ‘f***’ Caroline and ‘rape your daughter’.

In March 2014 Johnson was sentenced to three years at Preston Crown Court for two offences of acting in breach of a restraining order, plus one offence of stalking, likely to cause fear of violence or serious alarm, or distress.

The judge told Johnson: “You should be thoroughly ashamed.”

He was due for release in December 2016 but on the day he made a derogatory remark to a prison officer about Caroline. His sentence extended and he was sent to a psychiatric unit.

Caroline still lived in fear of Johnson returning to the street and continuing his rampage.

But, last July when visiting her parents’ house,  Caroline was told by a neighbour he had died.

Caroline claimed she had been let down by the authorities who failed to tell her of his death and says she remains traumatised by his actions.

She said: “It was a bit of a ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ moment when I was told he had died.

“It felt like a weight had been lifted. But you don’t bounce back immediately from these things.

“Before he started his obsession with me I had a job, car, I was healthy and happy. I now have no job because I have acute anxiety disorder and depression.

“I just want people to know how things like this can affect your life and should be taken seriously. I’m slowly getting back to the person I used to be. But I’m still a shadow of who I used to be.”

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