'I won't be that guy' Roger Federer makes post-retirement promise to fans at Laver Cup

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“It’s very special for me to say goodbye I think here in London, as a city, knowing I’ve had a lot of emotions and a lot of great tournaments here, trying to qualify for the ATP Tour Finals,” he added. “So it felt very fitting for me to end my career here. Having Bjorn Borg on the bench with me when I walk out is going to be something that is beyond cool and I felt that was something really nice, having a team behind me as well would not feel so lonely when I’m calling it a day.

“I think that was something also that resonated heavily with me and having obviously the likes of Andy, Novak and Rafa and everybody on the team is clearly an amazing thing because when we started planning out who could be on the team and who would they even play, would they consider playing? I was not preparing my retirement yet. It might look like it’s perfectly orchestrated this way.

“Just it all happens in that it fell into place at this time of year. This is where my knee just doesn’t allow me to play at this level anymore. I came to realise that throughout the summer and then I was just looking for a place in time where I could call it.

“So the Laver Cup for me was maybe going to be possible, even if I wasn’t going to be playing, I was going to be on the team and it just felt like the right place to do it so I’m really grateful that all the guys are here and it’s going to be wonderful.”

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