'If you could stop' – Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp loses cool in pre-Ajax press conference

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Her passing triggered a worldwide reaction of mourning, with sport across the world paying their respect with a minute’s silence. There is a similar tribute planned at Anfield tomorrow night during their match against Ajax on Tuesday and Klopp said he would join in to “show respect”.

“I was really busy but still got [the news]. I’m 55 years old and it’s the only thing I ever knew, the Queen of England,” he said. “As far as I know, and I don’t know her, you can see she was a really warm, nice and loved lady, and that’s all I need to know.

“That was my personal experience not too long ago, but it’s not about what I think but what people who are much closer or felt much closer to her. I respect her and that’s why I will show my respect tomorrow night with the minute’s silence if it goes through.”

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