'It spoke volumes' Meghan Markle appeared 'self-consciously awkward' off-camera – claim

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The awkward and tense body language between Meghan Markle and three senior royal women was spotted on Wednesday, as the Royal Family paid tribute to the late Queen at Westminster Hall. Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English remarked on Meghan’s uncomfortable interactions with Kate, the Princess of Wales, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Queen Consort Camilla. She also noted that anyone could tell “something is slightly wrong here” even if they didn’t know about the royal rift in the family.

Ms English claimed a lot of the body language could be seen “off-camera”.

She told Palace Confidential: “A lot of what we saw happened off-camera because you weren’t allowed to pick up your cameras until they saw the coffin.

“We had five to ten minutes of just watching them. The body language was fascinating.”

“You couldn’t help but notice the body language between the senior royals, and Meghan from where we were standing.”

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The royal expert continued: “You could see that Camilla, Kate and Sophie were together and the body language was very comfortable between them.

“But then there was Meghan and you could have almost fitted somebody else in that space.

“It spoke volumes.

“Even if you didn’t know what we all know that has happened over the past few years, you’d have turned up and thought, ‘that looks a bit odd, there’s something slightly wrong here’.”

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