Jacinda Ardern admits NZ to 'inevitably' become Republic after Queen's death

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister has revealed her country will “inevitably” become a republic during her lifetime after the Queen’s death. However, Ms Ardern insisted that bonds between Britain and her country will remain as the UK transitions to the new monarch, King Charles. Speaking with BBC presenter Laura Kuenssberg, she said she will not ignite New Zealand’s transition from a monarchy to a republic under her leadership, as she stopped short of laying out a timeline for it.


Ms Ardern told BBC presenter Laura Kuenssberg: “I think even the Queen herself has observed and acknowledged the evolution over time in our relationships.

“When she came to New Zealand several decades ago, she herself acknowledged that the treaty between indigenous New Zealanders Maori and the Crown had been imperfectly observed.

“This is simply my observation and it is that there will continue to be an evolution in our relationship.”

She said: “I don’t believe it will be quick or soon, but over the course of my lifetime.”

She explained her position: “We have complex arrangements, the Treaty of Waitangi, a very important founding document for Aotearoa, New Zealand, signed between Maori and the Crown.

“This is why it’s not a process I have any intention of instigating, but if and when it does occur, it will take time, and it will need to be very carefully worked through”.

The comments came as Ms Kuenssberg asked New Zealand’s Prime Minister: “You’ve expressed great affection for the Queen, but in terms of the relationship between our two countries there were occasional protests when she visited New Zealand some years ago.

“You say now that it is inevitable that New Zealand will become a republic in your lifetime.”

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