Jamie Carragher left with head in hands as Thierry Henry tears into Chelsea owner Boehly

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“No [I wouldn’t have liked an All-Star game], I don’t particularly like those ideas but I think to come and speak like that when he hasn’t even proved he can run a Premier League club well yet, I mean he has sacked a manager after three games having spent £250million.

“So straight away you think ‘That’s not right’, so he hasn’t made a great start, to speak about somewhere you have been for about six weeks and say ‘We are going to bring in what we do in other American sports’, I just think how the American public would feel if an English Premier League footballer went to the NFL and said ‘We do this in the Premier League’.

“It would be incredibly arrogant to speak like that, and maybe if he is coming up with ideas to improve the league there’s nothing wrong with ideas, but I don’t think many people agree with him, some people might but to speak like that after being in the country for such a short amount of time, and he hasn’t even proved himself as a good owner of Chelsea yet.”

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