Jarrell Miller’s agent blasts reaction to failed drugs test as ‘racist’ after he is denied boxing licence to fight Anthony Joshua


JARRELL MILLER’S agent has astonishingly claimed that the boxer has been treated unfairly because of his race.

The disgraced boxer has seen a world title shot fight against champ Anthony Joshua cancelled after he failed THREE drugs tests.

Jarrell Miller has posted a video where he admits he'messed up' - but there was no'I'm sorry'

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Jarrell Miller has posted a video where he admits he ‘messed up’ – but there was no ‘I’m sorry’

Two banned substances showed up in the samples, and the 30-year-old then posted a video to social media where he admitted he had “messed up”.

But now Sarah Fina, of Greg Cohen Promotions, has claimed that the Brooklyn fighter is being “nailed to a cross” because of his heritage.

Writing on social media, she said: “Firstly, I do not condone cheating whatsoever.

“Am I upset and disappointed with Jarrell? Absolutely. What Jarrell has done is wrong 100 per cent.

“But what I won’t do is turn my back on him. People make bad choices in life.

“With all of that being said, it is hard for me not to think that he is being nailed to the cross because he is an African-American fighter.”


Miller first failed a urine test by VADA given on March 20 with the banned substance GW1516 being found in his system, before testing positive for HGH on March 31.

He had already seen his license being denied by the New York State Athletic Commission after failing the first test.

ESPN have revealed Miller’s urine test taken on March 31 came back positive for GW1516 again and an endurance-enhancing drug EPO.

That’s the substance Lance Armstrong used to trigger the biggest doping scandal in cycling history.

EPO is said to increase oxygen absorption, improve endurance and reduce fatigue by increasing the rate of red cell production.

It is also believed that EPO helps the healing process of muscles as it increases the metabolism.

Fina went on to paint a picture that her client has been unfairly treated, scoffing that Luis Ortiz, himself having failed a drugs test, is rumoured to be the No1 choice to replace Miller.

I handled it wrongly and I’m paying the price for it

Jarrell Miller

She added: “Even the very fighter that was asked to replace Miller, Luis Ortiz, tested for banned substances.”

Ortiz escaped a ban after he told boxing chiefs that he took medication for high blood pressure.

She also mentioned how Mexican Canelo has a whopping £280m fight deal with streaming broadcaster DAZN despite failing two drugs tests in the past.

The super-middleweight world champ continues to claim it was as a result of eating “contaminated meat”.

Miller addressed his fans, conceding he “messed up” and “hurt” his family and friends.

He said: “A lot can be said right now. I’m going to get straight to the point, I messed up, I made a bad call.

“A lot of ways to handle the situation, I handled it wrongly and I’m paying the price for it.

“I missed out on a big opportunity and I’m hurting on the inside you know, my heart is bleeding right now, I hurt my family, my friends, my team, my supporters.

“But, I’m-a own up to it, I’m-a deal with it, I’m-a correct it and I’m going to come back better.

“I’m humbled by the experience, fighters go through a lot and I don’t want to make it – a bad name for ourselves and it’s time to do right and get right.”

Jarrell Miller's agent Sarah Fina has questioned whether her client's race has anything to do with the flak he is getting

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Jarrell Miller’s agent Sarah Fina has questioned whether her client’s race has anything to do with the flak he is getting
Jarrell Miller FAILS another drug test… leaving Anthony Joshua with no opponent for June 1 bout in New York


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