'Just sort of blossomed' Kate's recollection of dating William after startled encounter

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The pair have been married for 11 years and have three children together, however, their romance began as a friendship.

Kate and William were students at St Andrew’s University in Scotland when they met in 2001, first bumping into each other in a dorm hallway.

The Duchess recalled: “I went bright red when I met you and sort of scuttled off, feeling very shy about meeting you.”

Within weeks the Prince invited Kate to join him and his friends for breakfast in the dining hall.

It has been widely reported that the future Duchess really caught William’s eye during a student fashion show when she donned a sheer dress on the catwalk.

But it was in their shared student house they moved into in 2002 that their relationship became more serious.

The Duke reportedly would try to cook to impress Kate, as she remembers: “I would have to wander in and save something that was going.”

William added: “It just sort of blossomed from there, really. We just saw more of each other and, you know, hung out a bit more.”

On his 21st birthday in June 2003 the Prince gave an insight into his dating life to reporters, according to Vogue.

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They both graduated from St Andrews in 2005, with Kate receiving a degree in art history and William one in geography.

In spite of a brief separation in 2007 the Cambridges have been going strong ever since, tying the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29 2011.

Their son George was born in July 2013, followed by Charlotte in May 2015 and Louis in April 2018.

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