Kate and Prince William branded 'other two royals' during joint Meghan and Harry walkabout

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During live coverage of a joint walkabout, a CNN reporter only mentioned Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex names and called Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall the “other two royals.” The surprise visit from Meghan Markle sent royal reporters into a frenzy on Saturday as the CNN host claimed it was a huge shock and “you could hear a pin drop” when the royal pair arrived. The Royal Family have been putting on a united front to mourn the Queen and show their respects to the late Monarch.

The reporter told CNN: “Because they are the working royals, and it was a huge shock and it was silent you could almost hear a pin drop.

“When the four of them emerged from the car, you could see Harry get out first then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well, and it was remarkable…”

Social media users have reacted with fury at the Prince and Princess of Wales being dismissed.

One user @Junaid_Aslam said: “How rude. Their titles are TRH the other two royals. No respect for the protocols.”

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@Teeshasmom2 said: “I don’t care for Wm nor Kate But Wiliam & Harry just lost their grandmother, so damn it, people, quit trying to find ways to trash’em or their wives Let them mourn the death of their grandmother You know they’re reliving the memories of losing their mum, seeing flowers along the fence.

@MylovelySuquee said: “What makes this funny to me is that I don’t think the reporter meant it in a shady way. It is just that he probably doesn’t know their names.”

@IrishMason said: “Our American media has been an embarrassment! They’re out of touch not just with the British public but with the American one as well. I had to turn them off.”

@Livye3 said: “Meghan and Harry are not royals. Particularly Meghan. But Kate and William are Prince and Princess of Wales. CNN can’t change it.”

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Ms Tominey said: “So it’s almost one of the most remarkable royal walkabouts in recent memory,” Camilla said on BBC Breakfast.

“In the sense that we had expected the Prince and Princess of Wales, and then to see Harry and Megan in the back of the car coming out, the Fab Four reunited

“I suppose looking at those scenes, there’s a degree of awkwardness because everyone’s watching the body language and clearly it took a lot for both brothers to come together [and to] put their differences aside in memory of their grandmother.

“And it’s only fitting, I think the public were brought some comfort by seeing that because there is a sadness around the fact that this duo… these brothers in arms have been on very, very different paths.”

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