Kate in honourable move as she stays one step behind Prince William in respect to Queen

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Kate, the Princess of Wales paid her respects to the Queen by honouring the royal protocol, as she stayed one step behind Prince William during Her Majesty’s lying in state ceremony. According to royal protocol, Prince William outranks Kate as he is a blood prince and she is a royal by marriage. Therefore, she is required to walk one step away from Prince William.


Kate could also be seen curtseying the Queen, as she approached the coffin – always walking behind Prince William.

Though the Royal Family’s website says “there are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting the Queen”, people are invited to “observe the traditional forms.”

In a sign of respect, women are required to do a small curtsy.


Similarly, Prince Philip always walked two steps behind the Queen as he, despite being a blood prince of Denmark and Greece, was of a lower rank compared to her. 

The Princess of Wales’ royal manners were observed as the Royal Family paid their tributes to the Queen. 

King Charles III and Queen Consort were heading the line, as required by the royal protocol.

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