Kate is 'gem in the monarchy's crown' as she channels Diana greeting crowds at Sandringham

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Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall has been praised for the strength and composure she has shown since the passing of Her Majesty the Queen.

Royal reporter Natalie Oliveri likened her warmth and compassion during a walkabout talking to members of the public to that of her late mother-in-law and previous Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.

Kate and William initially paused at the Norwich Gates, the entrance to the royal home where they have spent many Christmases over the years.

They then came to greet and speak for almost an hour to the crowd of mourners who had gathered, and it was Kate who noticeably impressed.

Mary Hayter, 84, came to pay her respects and offer her condolences to the grieving royals.

Kate said to her: “She’s been part of your life too, all of your life. Everyone feels this loss.”

Ms Hayter told 9Honey: “Her hand is very warm and her grip was very strong – her face is so radiant.

“She’s so caring and her attitude toward other people… she just likes to make sure everyone is happy. She’s absolutely gorgeous.”

When another local, Ian Andrews, asked the princess how she “didn’t well up” she replied: “I did, I said to William as I was reading them it was so moving – from all generations including the little kiddies’ writings, to some of the most amazing poetry – but the sentiment and the love that’s shown here is extraordinary.”

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“Catherine is the true gem in the monarchy’s crown and it is through Prince William’s encouragement that she has been allowed to shine.”

Maisie, 27, from King’s Lynn, shared her views on the Cambridge’s popularity: “Everyone here loves them.

“They are down to earth, a bit like Princess Diana really. Kate reminds everyone of her. I think that is why the nation loves her.

“They’re lovely, I think Kate is amazing and William will make an amazing King one day.”

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