Killing Eve – Is Eve Polastri really dead? Six unanswered questions from season two


KILLING Eve season two has finally dropped in the iPlayer, and if like us you have already binged watched the entire series, you’ll have lots of questions you want answering.

We examine all the evidence and look at the issues we hope will be addressed in season three.

Killing Eve season two left viewers with many unanswered

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season two of Killing Eve.

Six unanswered questions from season two of Killing Eve

1)  Is Eve alive?

We kick off with the biggest question, as Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) was left for dead when Villanelle (Jodie Comer) shot her at the end of the season finale after she refused to runaway with her for a life of murder and mayhem.

Villanelle is in love with Eve, and Eve is obsessed with her in return.

Standing in a amphitheatre in Rome, the two women are on the run after Eve killed The Twelve’s agent Raymond and Villanelle learned the truth about Konstantin (that he was using her, along with Carolyn, in order to get back to his family).

When Eve said she had to go home and couldn’t run off into the sunset “like Bonnie and Clyde” and went to walk off, Villanelle did not like this one bit and shot her as she made her exit.

Next we saw Vilannelle standing over her, gun in hand, and Eve in a pool of her own blood.

Now, the question season three will have to answer is, is Eve alive?

Given that Villanelle survived being stabbed by Eve in the season one finale , it seems likely that Eve will also pull through her own attempted murder.

PLus the show is named after her, so she has to stay alive really.

We want to know if Eve is really dead after being shot by Villanelle

2) Where will Villanelle go?

Well we know she is a dab hand at getting out of sticky situation, but how will Villanelle get out of this pickle?

We actually can’t wait to find out, given the series opener for season two saw her escape death from a stab wound.

But this time she has no Eve, no Konstantin (Kim Bodnia)and The Twelve are not too happy with her at the moment.

We do know that she has plenty of money, something she referenced to in season two, so no doubt she will find a way out of this mess.

But will she struggle with her feelings after leaving the woman she loves for dead? We know she is psychopath but there is something about Eve that Villanelle can’t resist.

Villanelle headed off into the sunset alone – but what will she do next?

3) What is Carolyn hiding?

Eve’s mysterious MI6 boss Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) has kept us guessing about who she really works for since the start – is it the government or is it The Twelve?

She’s still a character who remains a mystery to us all.

We still don’t know why she recruited Eve to her team in the first place.

She lies to everyone constantly, including her own son, and has never explained her connections to The Twelve or to Konstantin.

In Season 2, she managed to get Villanelle – with the help of an unwitting Eve – to murder a MI6 target so she didn’t have to get her hands dirty.

We’re hoping that season three will finally explain who Carolyn is really working for.

Carolyn Martens is somewhat of a mystery to everyone

4) Will Eve’s marriage end in divorce?

Well things between Eve and her husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) are NOT good to put it mildly.

Her continued obsession with Villanelle drove him to move out of their home in season two, and stay with a colleague called Gemma, who clearly fancied him.

But the icing on the cake for the end of their marriage could be that Villannelle has suffocated Gemma and left her body wrapped in plastic for him to find.

We’re pretty sure Eve is going to be served divorce papers if she survives.

Will Niko take Eve back after everything that happened? We very much doubt it

5) Is Hugo dead?

During the Season 2 finale, Eve found Hugo (Edward Bluemel) in the hallway of their hotel in Rome bleeding to death from a gunshot wound.

But in true Eve style (as in no one else matters accept Villanelle) she left him dying on the floor (even though they had slept together the night before), saying she would “call for help”, despite him pleading with her to stay.

When Eve eventually returned to the hotel, Hugo was gone – did he die or did help get to him in time?

Things didn’t look good for Hugo at the end of season two

6) What will happen when Eve and Villanelle?

Well, they have both tried to kill each other now, so are they even?

Eve is bound to be pretty annoyed that the woman who she is infatuated with shot her.

So, with this in mind, should Eve survive (which we all know she will) will she seek revenge?

Also, Villanelle is pretty damn mad, and when a psychopath is mad, they will seek blood.

But who will be on her hit list first -Konstantin or Carolyn?

We can’t wait to find out.

Will there be a Killing Eve season three?

Good news for fans of Killing Eve the show WILL be back or a third offering – but you are going to have to wait.

As season two only arrived in the UK in June 2019, it is likely that Killing Eve season three will be out in June 2020.

The season will once again air in the US on BBC America first, but then will drop on the iPlayer after it has been shown in full across the pond.




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