King Charles warned he must find own style and not ‘replicate’ Queen Elizabeth

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British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti appeared on Fox News on Sunday morning to discuss the legacy Queen Elizabeth has left behind and how the nation was “deeply respectful of her”. Mr Sacerdoti discussed what King Charles’s style as monarch will be and how the new King will have to discover his own way of connecting to the British public through his own personality.

During the news segment, Fox News was following the Queen’s coffin live on air as it travelled in Scotland from Aberdeenshire to Edinburgh, where members of the public will be given the chance to pay their respects at St Giles Cathedral on Monday.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti appeared as a guest and spoke of the Queen and the impact she had on Britain.

He said: “The fact that people are just so deeply respectful of her, even if they weren’t necessarily monarchists in the first place, shows just what a good job she did and how tough it will be for Charles the third now, who has to follow in her footsteps.

“Because he doesn’t need to replicate what she did, he needs to do his own thing.

“He needs to find a way to connect with the British people just as she did through his own personality, and they have very different personalities.”

Mr Sacerdoti also noted that the Queen came to the throne “very young” which meant she was “something of a blank page” to the general public.

He said: “People didn’t know much about her personal views, and really there was no opportunity for scandal or details of her private life to have gotten in the way as happened, sadly, with him.”

The journalist compared this to King Charles, who had “an enormous amount of intrusion into his life early on” which meant that the British people know “not only what he thinks on various issues that he’s been outspoken on, but also intimate details about his own private life.”

Mr Sacerdoti added: “I think that’s been damaging to [King Charles] in the past but now this is an opportunity really for the nation to move on.

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“It is the crown people have the respect for, and the person who wears the crown.

“The person who is the monarch needs really to capsule the values of that role and to carry out the duties Queen Elizabeth did so perfectly during her very long reign.”

King Charles will travel to Scotland on Monday with the new Queen Consort Camilla to begin the start of his royal duties as Britain’s monarch, where he will meet with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In the evening, King Charles will hold a vigil with members of the Royal Family at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh to mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

On Tuesday, Princess Anne will accompany the Queen’s coffin from Edinburgh to London, where it will travel to Buckingham Palace.

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