KSI batters Luis Pineda for second win in one night as pro boxer throws tantrum in ring

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KSI dropped 2-6 professional boxer, Luis Pineda, seven times en route to a third-round stoppage in an embarrassing display from the Mexican. Pineda repeatedly complained about shots to the back of the head and body as he threw a full-blown tantrum in the ring.

In the second and third, it was much the same. KSI landed punishing blows and Pineda complained. At one point, the Brit even began doing press-ups as cheers circulated around the packed O2 Arena.

Eventually, the fight was stopped mid-way through the third after an uppercut landed during an inside exchange.

In his post-fight interview, KSI called out Andrew Tate, Slim, Tommy Fury, and the winner of Austin McBroom and AnEsonGib: “I saw the fights, Slim looks good, I want a piece of that. Austin vs Gib, I want the winner of that, Andrew Tate, I want a piece of that, Tommy Fury I want a piece of that.

“I’m warmed up and I’m ready, I’m excited. Nothing can harm me. I’m different, KSI! Yeah!”

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