KSI vs Logan Paul rematch: Eddie Hearn ‘to promote’ fight between YouTube stars on November 9


EDDIE HEARN is set to promote the “sellout” rematch between YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, according to reports.

The two YouTube sensations took to the ring in Manchester Arena last year after a bitter fall-out – on social media.

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI will have their long-awaited rematch in LA this November
Eddie Hearn is set to promote the second bout despite claiming that he hated the pair’s first fight
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Over six three-minute rounds, the bout was declared a draw – leaving their feud unsettled.

The rematch is now said to take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 9th, despite KSI demanding an 02 booking next year.

Lance Pugmire of The Athletic has claimed that Hearn will now be involved in the return bout in the States.

The 40-year-old claimed last year that the YouTuber’s fighting made his skin crawl… but did concede the concept is “genius”.

The explosive showdown was billed as the “biggest fight in internet history” and the pair were able to sell over 800,000 PPV buys with their combined 37 million subscribers on the video platform.

But Hearn was not impressed by the whole spectacle, saying neither of them would ever make it as a professional boxer.

He told The Boxing Voice: “For me, I can’t stand it. It makes my skin crawl but as a business, I think it’s genius.

“As a fight fan and pure boxing man, I can’t stand it.

“But as a business model and a commercial project I take my hat off to them and yeah, of course, I want to know the numbers.”




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