Lewis Hamilton drops fresh hint on retirement decision ahead of Belgian GP

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed he is not close to retiring from Formula One as there is still “plenty to achieve”. Hamilton admitted he “liked the direction” inside the sport and stressed it was an “exciting time” to be racing.

Speaking in yesterday’s press conference, Hamilton said: “I think there’s still plenty to achieve here personally, maybe not like that many records as such, but still a lot of ground to cover with the team. And like the guys here I still deeply in love with the sport and particularly like the direction and things that we’re doing within the sport… conversations that I get to have with Stefano [Domenicali].

“But of course, there’s lots more outside that’s continuing to grow as well. So it’s exciting times I think. The future’s bright, I like to think.” Hamilton struggled in the opening races which left many pundits to question whether the Mercedes star could walk away from the sport.

However, the seven-time champion addressed the rumours after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, admitting he would still be on the grid.

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“I’m still fighting for those things and I still feel like I’ve got plenty to go. More likely than not, if I stop, I’ll still have fuel in the tank. I don’t think I’ll go until I’m completely burnt out and have nothing left.”

But, Hamilton has previously warned he would not be competing in F1 past the age of 40. His current F1 deal runs until the end of the 2023 season when the multiple champion will be 38 years old.

It means the Mercedes star could sign another one-year extension or ditch his previous promise and stay for several more seasons.

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