Liz Truss Cabinet: Here’s who YOU want around the Prime Minister's table

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The Conservative leadership election ended on Monday in victory for Liz Truss, who becomes the UK’s next Prime Minister today. After an audience with the Queen, she is expected to unveil her Cabinet. Kwasi Kwarteng, Suella Braverman and James Cleverly seem certain to take on key roles, but in a surprising move Nadine Dorries and Lord Frost have ruled themselves out, further fuelling the speculation as to what may unfold throughout the day.

On Monday it was announced that Liz Truss had defeated Rishi Sunak in the summer’s Tory leadership race, securing 81,326 votes to her rival’s 60,399.

This morning Boris Johnson delivered a farewell speech in front of Number 10, which began: “Well – This is it folks!”

The outgoing Prime Minister and his successor are currently in Scotland, where both will meet the Queen at Balmoral – one to resign, the other to be asked to form a Government.

On her return to Downing Street later today Ms Truss is expected to unveil her Cabinet picks.

Liz Truss's Cabinet picks

Liz Truss will announce her Cabinet today, but Express readers have already made their choices (Image: GETTY)

Liz Truss campaign success

Liz Truss was ultimately successful in her leadership campaign launched on July 14 (Image: GETTY)

Close ally and current Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is widely expected to be offered the top job of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Attorney General Suella Braverman, who swiftly endorsed Ms Truss after being eliminated early in the leadership race, is tipped to become Home Secretary.

James Cleverly has been touted as the most likely next Foreign Secretary, and Ben Wallace seems likely to remain in post as Defence Secretary, reportedly assisted by Penny Mordaunt as Armed Forces Minister.

Lord Frost, Priti Patel and Nadine Dorries will not be part of the next Cabinet, the Culture Secretary turning down the offer to stay in the role preferring to return to the backbenches.

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History of Conservative leaders

Liz Truss becomes the third woman to occupy the role of Prime Minister (Image: EXPRESS)

In a poll that ran from 6pm on Monday, September 5, to 11am on Tuesday, September 6, asked readers: “Who do you think should be in Liz Truss’s Cabinet?” 

A total of 810 readers responded, with “Jacob Rees-Mogg” emerging as the most popular candidate to govern alongside the incoming Prime Minister, securing 17 percent (134 people) of the vote.

“Lord Frost” came in second place with 16 percent (131 people), followed by “Boris Johnson” in third with 12 percent (97 people).

Following them was “Suella Braverman” with 11 percent (89 people) and “Kemi Badenoch” with 10 percent (77 people).

Despite being almost certain to feature in Cabinet, “Kwasi Kwarteng” received just one percent of the vote (6 people), while “James Cleverly” got the vote of just four people.

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Liz Truss announced as Conservative leader

On Monday Liz Truss was announced as the new Conservative leader (Image: GETTY)

In a separate poll, running from 11am on Wednesday, August 31, to 11am on Monday, September 5, asked readers: “Who should Truss or Sunak appoint as their right-hand?”

Of the 814 responses, a 55 percent majority (449 votes), said “Jacob Rees-Mogg” was the best man for the job, with “Penny Mordaunt” trailing on 19 percent (151 votes) and “Kwasi Kwarteng” on 10 percent (83 votes). 

Hundreds of comments were left under the accompanying articles, sparking lively debate as to what each candidate would bring to the new Prime Minister’s top team.

Many readers seemed to trust Ms Truss’s picks, username NotGivingName writing: “Whoever she chooses” while username NW03 said: “Whoever Lis chooses! It would be good to have John Redwood, IDS and Lord Frost in the cabinet”

Username BobPage said: “My dream team for the big four positions: Chancellor – Jacob Rees-Mogg, Foreign Secretary – Nadine Dorries, Home Secretary: Lee Anderson.”

Username 3downnotout simply listed: “John Redwood, Duncan Smith, Tughenhadt”

Support for Mr Johnson remained apparent, with username Alanshrewsbury writing: “Boris as Deputy.”

Boris farewell remarks in Downing Street

On Tuesday morning Boris Johnson delivered farewell remarks outside Number 10 (Image: GETTY)

Others put forward their proposals to tackle key policy issues, such as username Liberty? who said: “Bill Cash and John Redwood to sort Northern Ireland, plus those Liz has already mentioned giving positions too.”

However, some expressed their misgivings about the Prime Minister’s chances of establishing a working Government at all, username Juanalaloco writing: “It hardly matters. Less than a third of Tory MPs support her.

“She won’t find it easy getting any controversial legislation through. She won’t be there long.”

With an economy teetering on the brink of recession, a cost-of-living crisis squeezing family budgets as gas prices threaten to push millions into energy poverty this winter, whoever enters Government will be expected to deliver immediate results.

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