Liz Truss 'looks to the north' to find a new campaign chief amid early election speculatio

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In a bid for a “cabinet that represents the whole party”, Mr Berry looks set for a senior cabinet position as Ms Truss tries to reset the image of the party.

Allies of Ms Truss, who is expected to be named as the new Tory leader and Prime Minister on Monday in the run-off against former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, have suggested the Levelling Up champion is due for a promotion that “gets him on the front foot in the fight against Labour.”

Holding on to the gains in the so-called Red Wall seats in the north of England and the Midlands is seen as a key part of ensuring the party wins the next general election.

It also brings together critics of Boris Johnson from the NRG and Boris allies like Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg in a bid to bring the party together.

But it comes as some sources have suggested she may go for an early election.

One source told “There is a chance that she could use a leadership bounce to go to the country for a fresh mandate if she gets ahead of Starmer and Labour in the polls.”

Tipped for the party chairman role, one Truss source said of Mr Berry: “He’s good on policy and he’s good with the media. We need a chairman on the morning rounds who can take the fight to Labour.

“Liz Truss has outlined that her cabinet would be one that represents the whole party. Having the chairman of the NRG in a prominent position would prove this.”

One northern Tory MP on the team added: “Giving the NRG a seat at the top table is a real sign of intent. Our policy proposals, laid out at our conference, have featured heavily in this contest.

“Implementation of these will show that Levelling Up the whole of the UK remains a priority.”

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