Liz Truss warned of ‘explosive’ consequences if she allies with Boris Johnson’s loyalist

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The results of Tory leadership contest will be announced on Monday and according to the reports, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, is likely to defeat former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the polls. According to reports, senior Tory members have warned Ms Truss that the party will be left divided unless she makes a concerted effort to include senior figures from across the party, including critics of Boris Johnson, in her cabinet.

The Foreign Secretary is likely to enter Downing Street as Prime Minister on Tuesday after visiting the Queen at Balmoral.

On Saturday night, a former Tory cabinet minister and critic of Johnson told Guardian that there would be huge and “explosive” consequences if Truss allies such as Duncan Smith and Nadine Dorries were appointed to top positions.

Concerns are that they may try to use their influence to scrap a parliamentary inquiry into whether Mr Johnson deliberately misled parliament.

The former cabinet minister told the publication: “If she wins, then on policy issues, including budget issues, most colleagues will take the view that she deserves the chance to put her plans into effect.

“She will get things through parliament.

“But if her Government tries to do things on the integrity questions, I think there could be trouble quite early on.

“That would be explosive.”

Another former cabinet minister and Johnson critic, David Davis, told the publication that because Truss would have won the keys to No 10 with the support of less than a third of Tory MPs, it was vital that she unite the parliamentary party with a “big tent” approach to the formation of her Government.

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Amanda Milling, a Foreign Office minister and former party chair, said: “This leadership contest has been toxic and bruising for the Conservative party brand.

“As it concludes, the whole party, from the frontbench to the backbench, has to come together as one united team in order to deliver for the British people and defeat Labour.

“If we don’t, we risk being out of power for a decade.”

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