London travel chaos: Warning issued as tens of thousands of mourners spark Tube closure

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Tens of thousands of people arrived in central London today sparking travel chaos in the capital. The London Underground station Green Park, which is near the Mall and Buckingham Palace, was forced to temporarily close earlier today due to the level of overcrowding. GB News Home & Security Editor Mark White warned that “the crush” near the royal buildings had led to transport chaos.

It is thought the weekend enabled more people from across the UK to travel to London to pay tribute to the late monarch after her passing on Thursday.

Outside of Windsor Castle, Green Park and Buckingham Palace have become the main sites for those wanting to leave flowers, candles, notes, or simply pay their respects.

Mr White said: “There are many, many tens of thousands of people making their way into central London to come down the Mall and into this area around Buckingham Palace.

“There are so many people who want to make this pilgrimage here that some of the tube stations – Green Park for instance – have been temporarily closed because of the crush there.”

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GB News Home & Security Editor continued: “Green Park station had to temporarily close because there were just so many people trying to get down here to pay their respects.”

“Before the weekend it was mostly tourists and people taking a break from work.

“But as the weekend has progressed we have seen many people from across the UK that want to come to this area.

“Many are queuing up to lay flowers at Buckingham Palace, but thousands more are going into nearby Green Park, and they are laying this increasingly large floral carpet.”

This comes as hotels in London have reported an astonishing surge in bookings ahead of the Queen’s state funeral.

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