‘Lovely’ Queen praised by royal fans as she greets Truss at Balmoral ‘Truly awe inspiring’

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Dressed in a tartan skirt and cardigan, Her Majesty was seen welcoming Ms Truss with a smile. For the first time, the Queen, 96, formally ushered in a new political era within the cosy confines of the green-carpeted drawing room at Balmoral, her Aberdeenshire estate, rather than at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

As the photograph was released by the Royal Family on social media, royal fans couldn’t help but praise the Queen.

Foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner tweeted: “The Queen is truly awe inspiring.”

Another Twitter user, Robin Taylor, said: “It’s nice to see the Queen looking well.”

Clutching her now familiar walking stick, the Queen smiled warmly as she lent forward to shake Ms Truss’s hand after the new Prime Minister had performed the traditional curtsy.

A second Twitter user Janet L Ellis said: “Look at our lovely little queen. All the best to you Ma’am.”

Another user Moyellie tweeted: “I think it’s so cute that even in her own house… sorry castle the Queen still has her handbag on her arm.”

Ms Truss arrived at Balmoral at around 12.15pm, accompanied by her husband, Hugh O’Leary, and was greeted by the same dignitaries as her predecessor.

She was briefed by Lord Chamberlain before being invited into the Queen’s Drawing Room.

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