Macron panics over 'worrying far-right' surges across EU ahead of Italian election

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But in Paris, Emmanuel Macron’s government is increasingly growing worried about the surge of eurosceptic forces in the EU.

Speaking to France Inter radio, French Secretary of State for Europe Laurence Boone said Ms Meloni’s popularity is worrying, “because it reflects the disarray of voters who are turning away from the traditional parties and because the responses (of the far right) are unstable, on the euro, on Russia”.

Asked whether he was concerned over future relations between France and Italy should Ms Meloni become prime minister, she replied: “So, we can have working relations.

“What I find worrying is the back and forth and the uncertainty it creates on issues as important as Russia and social rights.

“We have made a lot of progress on health, defence, climate, energy, social issues (…) and this is not going to slow down.

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