Magaluf fury as drunken Britons descend on Spanish holiday hotspot and spark chaos

The holiday destination for partygoers on the island of Majorca has just introduced a new anti-trash tourism law. But Britons, keen to shed the restrictions of the long months of lockdown life, have decided to party harder than ever before. The old antics of drinking, singing, and jumping on parked cars in the party strip on Magaluf’s Punta Bellena are out in force.

One local complained about the influx of British tourists on social media.

The local said: “Total chaos in Punta Bellena.

“Hundreds of sons of b***ches from Great Britain.

“No face masks on, jumping on top of cars, drunk, drinking alcohol in the street.

“The scenes you saw the other night in Magaluf are the response to tourists’ anger at bars having to close at 2 am.

“There was no violence but it’s the sort of image the local authorities were hoping they wouldn’t have to see this summer.”

It had been predicted that the coronavirus crisis could be the end of the alcohol-fuelled tourism in Magaluf.

However, Spain brought forward the re-opening of its borders to international tourism, and now Magaluf is packed with holidaymakers.


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