Martin Roberts: ‘I’d love to’ Homes Under The Hammer presenter addresses new show


    Martin Roberts, 56, has been a fan-favourite on Homes Under The Hammer since it first began in 2003.

    But the presenter revealed he would “love to” feature on his own shows, and has two in his mind.

    Speaking to, Martin spilled: “I’d love to [star in my own show]. I’m always thinking of ideas.”

    “People probably think I’m employed by the BBC but I’m not, I could do all sorts of things.”

    However, Martin doesn’t have any plans to leave the property BBC One show anytime soon as he said he’s “set the bar high”.

    “I couldn’t do anything as good as Homes Under The Hammer, the bar has been set pretty high,” he divulged. 

    “The days of Netflix and YouTube and that stuff still delivers, we get figures some evening shows would be proud off.”

    Martin added: “I’ve got two ideas for property shows which would compliment Homes Under The Hammer.”

    Over the past 16 years, Martin has been on Homes Under The Hammer throughout all different economical situations.

    The star has now revealed how Brexit has already impacted filming.

    Martin revealed there are less people applying to go on the programme and less properties being sold at auction.

    “With Brexit, even in those circumstances it’s still a fascinating watch, even though it makes it harder to produce,” Martin revealed.

    Explaining why, he said: “Numbers of properties sold in the auction rooms is less and people on the show is less.”

    Martin said Homes Under The Hammer gets filmed and is screened on the TV with a quick turnaround, reflecting the current market.

    The property expert spilled: “It reflects what is going on, we have in recent times been doing quick turnarounds like I’ve never seen before.

    “I saw a property and in six weeks, it’s going on air.”

    Elsewhere, Martin revealed Homes Under The Hammer has a very famous viewer on Twitter yesterday. 

    The star uploaded a video of Mark Wahlberg spaking about his love for the property programme.

    He wrote beside the clip: “On @imacelebrity a few years back, I told people that @markwahlberg watched Homes Under The Hammer! Some of you doubted me… but here is the proof!”

    Homes Under The Hammer airs today on BBC One from 10am.


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