Max Verstappen's manager confirms change of plans on Drive to Survive after F1 talks

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Verstappen has not been alone in criticising the Drive to Survive series with other drivers also not happy at certain aspects. AlphaTauri star Pierre Gasly became the latest to speak out against the show earlier this year when he declared some scenes are “kind of made up”.

“I haven’t seen the whole series, so I haven’t seen like [more than] pretty much the first two episodes,” Gasly said. “You can clearly see that some scenes are kind of made up for the show. It’s difficult to speak for the drivers, I’m not in their position. I don’t know how they [Netflix] get on with other guys.

“I think on our side with Yuki [Tsunoda], which is what I can compare, it was kind of normal. But obviously as a driver, you don’t want to be portrayed differently than the person you are in reality. I think that’s the main thing that we ask for.”

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