Oldest Person in the World: 300 years old?

The human quest for longevity is as old as our existence. We delve into the lives of some of the world’s oldest people , asking questions and trying to understand their secrets to a long life. Is it genetics? Is it lifestyle or perhaps just pure luck? In this exploration, we look at information on record holders, and a possible contender – an enigmatic Thai monk said to be 300 years old.

Who is Luang Pho Yai?

Luang Pho Yai, a Thai monk, is supposedly the oldest living person at over 300 years old. Though lacking verifiable documentation, his age is estimated through centuries-old temple records and writings. The people of Thailand revere him, drawing spiritual strength from his meditations and teachings.

However, the international community questions his age due to the absence of concrete proof. Therefore, the Guinness World Records does not recognize him. Still, the devotion and respect of his followers make Luang Pho Yai an intriguing figure in the conversation about longevity.

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Who is the oldest person alive in the world?

The oldest verified living person is Kane Tanaka of Japan, born on January 2, 1903. She earned recognition from the Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living person in 2019. Her family attributes her long life to her faith, positivity and love for board games.

Who is the oldest person alive today?

As of this writing, Kane Tanaka still holds the title of the oldest living person . She is currently 119 years old. Other noteworthy individuals just a little younger than Tanaka include Lucile Randon from France and a few other centenarians in the United States and Japan.

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Previous title holders

Before Kane Tanaka , several individuals held the title of the ‘world’s oldest person.’ These included Emma Morano and Susannah Mushatt Jones from Italy and the USA, respectively. Both lived to be 117 years old.

However, Jeanne Calment retains the title for the longest confirmed human lifespan of 122 years and 164 days. There is also Jiroemon Kimura, the oldest man ever, who lived to be 116 years, 54 days. Here’s a brief look at these remarkable people.

Jeanne Louise Calment – Oldest person ever

Jeanne Louise Calment remains the uncontested record holder for human longevity. Born in 1875, the French supercentenarian outlived both her daughter and grandson, dying in 1997. Observers attributed her long life to a diet rich in olive oil, a love of wine, exercise, and a healthy sense of humor.

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For information about other title holders, please refer to the table below:

Name Country Confirmed Age Life Span
Jiroemon Kimura Japan 116 years, 54 days 1897 – 2013
Lucile Randon France 117 years 1904 – present
Kane Tanaka Japan 118 years 1903 – present

Lessons learned

Behind these records of the world’s oldest people are fascinating stories offering us a view into the past and lessons about resilience, optimism, and adaptability. While Luang Pho Yai’s age remains unconfirmed, his story poses intriguing questions about human longevity and provides ripe areas for scientific exploration.

One thing is clear – there is no established formula for longevity. There seems to be a combination of genetics, lifestyle choices, and perhaps a modicum of luck. As we admire these individuals, let’s also strive to improve our habits towards a healthier, longer life.

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