Meghan, Duchess of Sussex looks teary as she visits flowers laid at Windsor

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The late Queen Elizabeth, who reigned for seven decades, died at her residence in Balmoral, Scotland on September 8. While her granddaughter-in-law Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was not with the immediate royals who flew to say their goodbyes, she has been visible in the public eye today. Meghan, her husband Prince Harry along with the new Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton, went on a royal walkabout to see the tremendous display of flowers outside Windsor Castle this afternoon. Crowds interacted with them, and during a quiet moment, Meghan crouched down to read the heartfelt tributes to Her Majesty. 

An image taken from the scene shows the Duchess, who had originally flown over to the UK last weekend on a work trip, reading from a piece of paper which looks to have been protected in a plastic wallet. 

Prince Harry had been the last person to arrive at his grandmother’s bedside on Thursday, and the first one to depart from Aberdeenshire Airport on Friday. 

Meghan had remained in London for this duration, with the pair’s charity work cancelled immediately. 

In the days that followed, former heir-apparent Prince Charles has taken the title as King Charles III and has renewed the loyalty vows his mother made to the nation when she became Queen in 1952.

The Royal Family along with the nation is in mourning for Her Majesty, and her death has sent shockwaves through the globe. 

Many people have flocked to royal residences, with Windsor Castle being no exception. It is here where the royals made their way down the Long Walk to thank everyone for their support. 

As part of their united appearance, which has led many to believe a potential reconciliation had taken place among the princes, the royals began talking to members of the crowd.

Meghan Markle surprised one teenager as she shared a warm hug with  her after a brief exchange of words. The Duchess of Sussex placed a hand on the teenager’s shoulder in a comforting gesture after which the girl took her chance and asked the royal for a hug.

The walkabout itself had been entirely unexpected. 

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Meghan and Prince Harry have made new lives for themselves overseas in LA, USA. They decided to ditch their roles as senior royals back in 2020, which reportedly came as a surprise to the Royal Family. 

The couple have since shared all in an Oprah Winfrey interview and reports have been rife with claims Prince William and Harry have become distant over the apparent hurt these moves had caused.

But during this extremely hard time, it appears the grandchildren have put their differences aside, showing a united front to the public as they set eyes on thousands lining the streets in tribute to the Queen. 

In a quiet moment of reflection, Meghan knelt down to look at flowers and pictures show a glint in her eye, indicating she may have been crying as she saw the outpouring of grief around her. 

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