Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton always have their hands clasped in front of them as it acts as a ‘barrier’ and ‘comfort’, body language expert reveals


MEGHAN Markle has perfected her duchess pose which gives her a sense of comfort and acts as a barrier, a behaviour expert has revealed.

The mum-of-one went from a famous actress to the Duchess of Sussex in a few months, and had to quickly adjust to the demands of being a royal.

An expert has claimed Meghan has perfected her Duchess pose
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With all eyes on the 38-year-old scrutinising her wardrobe and make-up, Meghan makes sure she’s camera ready every day.

And that includes how she sits, stands and holds herself.

Behaviour expert, Blanca Cobb, has revealed Meghan likely had some training to perfect her posture.

She pointed out that the mum to Archie Harrison always stands in the same pose, with her hands interlinked in front of her, with the palms facing up.

Blanca claims the pose is for comfort and acts as a a barrier
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Blanca explained its significance, telling Cosmopolitan: “For Meghan, having that go-to move serves a couple of purposes.

“It’s almost like an invisible shield—like a barrier to protect herself.

“Her hands are clasped to give herself some more comfort and certainty when she’s in the spotlight.”

Blanca added that having a position to adopt stops her hands from “flapping in the wind”, ending up in her pockets or nervously twitching by her side.

Meghan and Kate both have their own go-to poses
Paul Edwards – The Sun

She said Meghan likely sought professional help in order to be “perceived in a certain way”, noting the American may have taken from tips from Kate Middleton as well.

The Duchess of Cambridge has her own go-to pose, often placing both hands in front of her, either with one hand on top of the other or on her clutch.

Clutch bags are also thought to be an important tool use by royal women to avoid shaking hands with people.

And they’re also used as a way of sending secret communications, with the Queen known for using her bag to send signals to her staff. 

Kate is also rumoured to be taking a leaf out of the monarch’s book, and is trying to use her handbag to make subtle signals as well. 

Kate often combines her pose with a clutch bag
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In recent news Meghan Markle teased a first look at her clothing range in a behind-the-scenes clip.

Meanwhile we recently revealed Archie Harrison is taking after Prince Harry with ‘tufts of ginger hair’.

And Meghan Markle’s former series Suits has made a subtle reference to her new life as a Duchess.


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