Surinder Shinda , popularly known as the Grandfather of Bhangra , has led an intriguing and inspiring life. Contributing heavily to Punjabi music, his life and melodious journey are a beacon of light for many aspiring music enthusiasts in the Punjabi industry. This article will delve into the life of this amazing personality.

Who was Surinder Shinda?

Surinder Shinda, born as Surinder Singh , is an iconic figure in the Punjabi music industry. He emerged in the 1980s as a popular Punjabi singer popularising the music genre of Bhangra . He has over 2000 melodious tunes under his belt and is synonymous with the revitalization of the Punjabi music scene.

He was born in a small village named Dhurkot and started his musical journey via religious sermons. He popularized the doaba style of singing and received many accolades for his distinct style, transforming folk tunes into mainstream music.

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Who is Surinder Shinda’s wife, Joginder?

Joginder Kaur was the supporting pillar who stood by Surinder Shinda throughout his journey to fame. She was a constant source of encouragement. Their love story started in their small village and blossomed into a beautiful marriage.

They got married on December 17th, 1971 . Besides being his life partner, Joginder Kaur played a crucial role in Surinder Shinda’s life. Joginder was his first audience, and she often provided constructive criticism to help improve his music.

Does Surinder Shinda have any kids?

Surinder Shinda and Joginder Kaur have two children. Their son, Maninder Shinda, and a daughter, Raman Shinda, have followed in their father’s footsteps, making a mark in the music industry.

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Maninder Shinda, just like his father, ventured into Punjabi music while Raman Shinda chose to work behind the scenes, contributing significantly to the creative designing of their father’s performances and music albums.

The impacts of Surinder Shinda’s contributions

Surinder Shinda has had profound impacts on the Punjabi music industry, it wouldn’t be erroneous to say he brought a revolution. His singing style, lyrical ingenuity, and the creativity he brings on every stage performance set him apart from his contemporaries.

Over the years, he has become an icon that many younger musicians look up to. His music, composed with soulful melodies matched with powerful lyrics, continues to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages – a true testament to his musical prowess.

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In Conclusion

Surinder Shinda’s journey is a testament to his passion, dedication, and groundbreaking work in the Punjabi music scene. Fueled by his love for music and the support of his beloved wife Joginder Kaur, he broke down barriers and charted his own course, thereby leaving an indelible mark on Punjabi music .

Name Born As Known As Wife Children
Surinder Shinda Surinder Singh Grandfather of Bhangra Joginder Kaur Maninder and Raman Shinda

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