Met Office weather warning UPDATED: Britons face imminent storms as 24-hour alert issued

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Heavy bands of rain and possible flooding are predicted for the early part of the weekend. A weather warning has been in place for most of Northern Ireland and the west edge of Scotland.

The weather warning has now been updated by the national weather forecaster to include a larger area of western Scotland.

The Met Office predict that up to 50mm of rain could fall in certain parts on Saturday.

In some spots in western Scotland, this could even reach 100mm, the forecaster added.

The warning now stretches from Carlisle to Oban and Tobermory, and through to Northern Ireland.


It had previously only extended to Ayr, rather than covering the majority of the west coast of Scotland.

The warning begins at 00.00am on Saturday morning, ending at 11.59pm.

It is not in force the following day.

The Met Office warned of “occasional periods of heavy rain” in the first part of the weekend, which could disrupt travel schedules.

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“Sunny spells” will break through for most of the UK on Friday, and temperatures will be “warm, especially in sunshine”.

This will then give way to “showers and longer spells of rain developing in the northwest”.

The Met Office said there is a “continuing risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms in parts of southern England and also southwest Wales”.

However, temperatures for much of the UK are expected to remain in the mid-twenties throughout the weekend.

Temperatures will likely reach at 26C on Friday in the southeast of England, with 25C common across the south and towards the Midlands.

Much of Wales and the southwest of England will see temperatures fall to the mid-teens, with temperatures of between 16C and 18C across Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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